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£500 £960

Seller: Siobhan

Dress Details
Style: A-line
Size: 8 (S)
Fabric: Lace
Colour: Pink
Condition: Used

The Story

Here is my (slightly biased here) utterly stunning Victoria Kay Wedding gown. I have included as many angles as I can. This dress in an 8 although has been altered slightly to fit my waist and bust, so I would say a 6/8 now. The length has not been altered. I am 5"7 and wore heels. A loop for the skirt and a hand loop have been added. In these pictures the dress is worn without a hoop as I found the skirts added enough volume. This dress is of amazing quality. The dress has and fairly long train, however can be bustled up very easily. If anyone would like to try before buying, that is not problem. This dress is still being sold and features on the Victoria Kay website. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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