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£300 £1,500

Seller: Lucy

Dress Details
Designer: Other
Style: Ball gown
Size: 12 (M)
Length: Floor length
Fabric: Tulle
Colour: White
Condition: Sample

The Story

This is a beautiful, big, striking dress. It is ex display from the shop but has never been worn for any length of time other than tried on in the shop. The beaded and boned bodice has hand stitched tiny diamanté and silver and clear beads covering it. It catches the light and looks beautiful without being OTT. The bottom of the dress is layered with tulle like material that produces a stunning ball gown look. It's so striking, a real princess effect. The dress could probably use a dry clean just from being on display for a freshen up, I have taken this into account when pricing this. The dress has a tiny thread pull in the back on the train that you can see in the picture, this isn't noticeable once the layers are laid on top and would be a simple fix for a seamstress.

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