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Justin Alexander

£600 £1,200

Seller: Anita

Dress Details
Designer: Justin Alexander
Style: Fishtail
Size: 10 (S)
Fabric: Chiffon
Colour: Ivory
Condition: New

The Story

Brand new Justin Alexander 8728 dress in ivory. A truly beautiful dress. This is not an unhappy sale. I'm selling it after getting caught up the wedding whirlwind where I tried on other dresses and ended up falling in love with a different one. This dress hasn't been worn & is in perfect condition. No alterations have been made to this dress. Chiffon mermaid silhouette features short sleeves and a beaded Sabrina neckline, natural waist and V-back neckline. Gown is finished with chiffon buttons that trail down the sweep length train. Happy to send more photos to anyone interested. Retail price - £1200 - open to offers!

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