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Seller: Carla

Dress Details
Designer: Other
Style: Empire
Size: 10 (S)
Length: Floor
Fabric: Lace
Colour: Ivory
Condition: Used

The Story

A classic V-neckline gown (with an extra layer of fabric - exact same lace - to avoid cleavage as I was going for a modest look) wrapped with floral arrangements made of Venice Lace creating a bold contrast. The back is beautifully done with lace and satin buttons with a short zipper in the lower back. This dress is made of embroidered Venice Lace on English Net Satin in the color Ivory.  There is one mark on the train but the dress is otherwise in very good condition - no pulls or tears. It has been dry cleaned less than a week ago. When I first lay my eyes on this dress, it was love at first sight! I know this was the dress I wanted to walk down the aisle to meet my beloved! The dress is an important detail, as I think who you're marrying is the most important one. However, wearing your perfect dress gives you confidence and boldness to do so! I hope this dress brings you, the lucky one, as much joy as it brought me! It is the most precious dress you could ever put on!

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