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Ronald Joyce

£350 £1,200

Seller: Danielle

Dress Details
Designer: Ronald Joyce
Style: Strapless
Size: 10 (S)
Fabric: Silk
Colour: White
Condition: Used

The Story

This lovely dress has been used once, the dress has been dry cleaned so looks brand new, inside the dress there is padding and bra back strap where it can be tightened as much as you want it to, the dress has a lovely train and also a loop to hook the train to the dress so you can dance without tripping over the dress :) it is so sparkly and so comfortable to wear I seriously felt like a princess on my special day, I wanted to keep the dress but I would rather someone else look like a princess on their special day. Your more then welcome to come look at the dress, it will be local pick up from tamworth or delivery. thank you for looking x

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