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Seller: Louise

Dress Details
Designer: Other
Style: Sheath
Fabric: Other
Colour: White
Condition: Used

The Story

Stunning, Unique and Glamorous Berta 15-09 dress. Worn once at my own wedding this was the most comfortable dress ever! The back and neckline are both sheer nude fabric which gives the illusion of such a deep neckline and backless dress. However don't be fooled this was a very, very supportive dress. It has cups sewen into the dress to provide support. The under slip is from a stretchy Ivory/ white fabric with the organza on top which is covered head to toe in sequins. Sequins are a selection of clear/ gem like stones and pearls. The back is a zip with false pearl button design. This is a Berta 44 (uk 14) however Berta sizes are quite small as I am a uk 12 and got me perfectly. Due to its style there is massive scope for altering this dress for a smaller size if you are more like a 10/12. No alterations to dress made and cleaned to berths cleaning instructions.

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