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£850 £1,200

Seller: Dawn

Dress Details
Designer: Enzo
Style: Fishtail
Size: 10 (S)
Fabric: Satin
Colour: Ivory
Condition: Used

The Story

Beautiful fishtail ivory gown with dimante and lace detailing on silk fabric. Has a fitted corset inside to ensure a snug fit. The back is zip with button detailing over top so you cannot see the zip. Stunning gown professionally cleaned and stored in acid free paper and box as soon as the day was over. You will receive so many compliments in this gown and you will fall in love with it the minute you put it on! Perfect to show off your figure. Size 10 when bought with no alterations apart from height. I am 5ft 5 and wore very tall heels with it, so lots of length to it.

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