1. (Q) By registering as a buyer, do I have to buy a dress? [+]

2. (Q) Will my personal information be shared with sellers or third parties? [+]

3. (Q) will you require my bank details? [+]

4. (Q) I am not happy with the dress I have received as it does not match the sellers description/it has evidence damage/it does not match the ad photographs, what do I do? [+]

5. (Q) I am being offered a better deal if I contact the seller offline directly, is this wise? [+]

6. (Q) I would like to inspect or try on my dress before buying, how can I do this? [+]

7. (Q) what methods of payment are available? [+]

8. (Q) how much time before my wedding should I allow before buying my dress? [+]

9. (Q) my dress hasn't arrived, what should I do? [+]


1. (Q) Will my dress be visible to the general public? [+]

2. (Q) I have changed my mind and no longer want to sell my dress, what do I do? [+]

3. (Q) how much does it cost to sell my dress? [+]

4. (Q) How much should I lost my dress for? [+]

5. (Q) do I have to disclose every small detail about my dress? [+]

6. (Q) how should I send my dress? [+]

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